22 3 / 2013

Wow, it’s brisk outside today!  Somehow I have to get through a work day and then head straight to a full fledge wedding.  Who’s idea was it to start holding weddings on Friday evenings??  I’m not even going to make the ceremony because it’s 3:00 in the afternoon.  I’m confused, do people take off of work when it’s that early or do they not want anyone to attend that portion??

Maybe I would be in a jollier mood (does anyone even say that anymore?) if it was nicer outside, but the fact that its freezing is not motivating the excitement out of me to attend a lavish affair tonight. 

Maybe I just need to throw my dancing shoes on, and all in the world will be harmonious.

(I mean it’s at a country club, so I don’t have to go black tie, just comfortable)

21 3 / 2013

It’s official, spring has begin, and yet it’s flurrying today?? Well the idea of not wearing a jacket just went right out the window! I have some visitors flying in from Florida this weekend for not 1, but 2 Weddings! I know, insane, right?? But maybe they’ll bring us New Yorkers some nicer weather.

Lately dressing for the weather has been a major focal of my conversations lately. I went to San Francisco during our summer, where my automatic assumption is that Cali weather is always warm and sunny. WRONG! It was their winter and I was freezing! To the point where I had to wear my winter jacket during the entire trip.

So my strategy has been focused on layering and today I’m throwing some reminders of what the weather should be like - bold colors and prints. But really it’s the go-to-hell look that screams at me today with a button-down and a loud, madras plaid blazer. It makes me feel like I should be on vacation, golfing!


Plaid Blazer

Chambray Shirt


25 1 / 2013

Wow, it’s cold out there!  I don’t know anyone who is ever prepared when they open their front door and are hit by a harsh reality that it’s finally winter.  And even worse, we’re supposed to get snow today.  So layer it up, because that’s the only way to survive the freezing cold.  3-piece suit, bubble vest, scarf, gloves and any other layers to throw on top.

09 1 / 2013

Heading out to Vegas to catch the last day of CES (Consumer Electronic Show) and even though I just got back from vacation, I’m ready for this trip.  A bunch of gadgets in Vegas both at the same time, do we need anything more?? 

So now I need to start packing, just read a blog post from someone who travels quite a bit, and his response is “it’s all about efficiency.”

So bringing items that are universal should work for a 3-day trip.  Starting with a travel look - comfortable jeans, multi-functional blazer, layered shirts, and a scarf to add to the layers.

Classic casual blazer

Comfortable Jeans

Layers optional

02 1 / 2013

Happy New Year!

That means no more lounging and relaxation..  Vacation is over and Work is screaming my name.. BUt if that’s the case, I’m going back screaming and kicking!

At the bare minimum it’s going to take a bit to get me out of casual wear and into complete work wear.  Lets start slowly..  My feet are still on vacation, so it’s all about these high-top kicks with this pop-of-color detail.

Dress pants or Bonobos chinos optional..

24 12 / 2012

I spent all day travelling yesterday, so of course this morning at 4:20 am - my eyes popped open and I was awake for the day.  This year, I decided to escape the cold and instead of a white Christmas, I’m in Hawaii for a warm one instead.

Yesterday was like Murphy’s law, whatever can happen - will..  Flight was 2 hours delayed - so I lost a chunk of the first day, a woman needed medical attention - so we almost needed to emergency land, and most importantly, the lock on my suitcase wouldn’t open - so Security busted out the bolt cutters to break into it.

Side note - though I was going to have a chance to try authentic Hawaiian food of Hawaiian airlines..  Nope!  The first meal was a baked ziti dish without the sauce (yes, pasta and cheese) and the second was a Turkey sandwich, come-on people!  Where’s the authenticity of your hometown??

Wish I could tell you it was all well worth it, but I’m not sure yet.  In the meantime, prepping for Christmas eve day.  That means comfortable, because I plan on eating alot!  So time to break out the Holiday sweater because it’s days are numbered.

Denim shirt optional

21 12 / 2012

If today’s the end of the world, might as well go out with a bang! If there’s one splurge to be had this season, it might have to be this Burberry watch.  The hardware has an industrial feel, and universal touch to wear to work or going out.

The watch to have

Outfit - optional..

19 12 / 2012

This song is in my head..  Maybe it’s from the abundance of recent holiday parties, or because my weekend starts tonight..


Last week was a bit insane, Thursday and Friday was recovery from the previous evenings. So prep for today is really focused on this evenings festivities.  The three piece look has a new meaning. Blazer, sweater, button down shirt..  Bam! What more could you ask for on a Wednesday?

Holiday sweater

Blazer style

Button-down optional..

12 12 / 2012

Last day in SF, and it’s inevitably typical SF weather - overcast with rain on the horizon.  It’s not that I wasn’t aware of the potential that it could rain, but I choose to ignore the warnings and assume it would miss us until I am literally on my way to the airport. 

I traveled quite a bit while I was here.  Exploring downtown SF (along with all their coffee locations), Almedia, Palo Alto and Mountain view will be today’s destination.  One consensus notion was the frequency of the drastic weather.  So layering becomes essential.

No matter what you’re wearing, the military coat just makes it look better.  Maybe it’s the structure?  The association?  I’m not sure, it just works..

Even applies to the vintage, worn look

Can’t avoid a classic look

Clothes underneath - optional 

11 12 / 2012

So the casual part of SF is screaming at me today.  I went to visit my friends office yesterday, and mostly everyone in the office was rockin’ t-shirt and jeans (one guy was wearing sweats). My comfort zone is New York expectations, so this is a new mentality adjustment.  Meanwhile, my friend was at least in an ‘ugly holiday sweater,’ so at least the holiday spirt had some presence in their office.

So in light of the casual atmosphere, here’s all of the themes rounded up - t-shirt, button down and casual sweater.

Thready cardigan

Plaid shirt

Classic t-shirt optional